Who we are

Founded in 2010, by the former pro tennis player Marcio Torres, LinkinFirm in a short period of time became a highly respected boutique-agency in the business for the high-level of its costumers and for the wellknown companies that we represent and work for.

LinkinFirm is specialized in managing careers and intermediating business, as well as consulting for a range of companies that are leaders in their niches in Brazil, USA and Italy. LinkinFirm offers creative ideas and innovative marketing concepts for business developments to keep their clients a step ahead of the everchanging consumer market.

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Marcio Torres was into sports from an early age. Initially, he started playing soccer and riding motocross, but he found his true passion when he was introduced to tennis at age of 10. After a distinguished junior career where he reached the number #1 ranking in Brazil, he went to the US to earn a degree and play college tennis. After graduating with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science, he turned tennis pro and played for 9 years at the ATP Tour reaching a career highest ranking of #132 in the world. In 2012, he became the first active tennis player to earn graduate degree (master) while still playing. He got his MBA in International Business from University of Phoenix. After a career ending injury, Marcio founded LinkinFirm.